Professionals, brought to you by professionals

TAP THE MARKET was founded by Tim Jenkins.

Tim has delivered and purchased professional services across the globe for over 25 years.

He has worked in the management team of a FTSE 250 company, been a partner in an international law firm (in London and the UAE) and been General Counsel of Jumeirah Group, the global luxury hospitality company.

During this time he has both delighted and disappointed clients, he has commended and berated law firm partners and consultants.

He hasn’t stopped learning along the way.

He’s maintained his sense of humour. But he would say that.

He understands the competing pressures and influences impacting the selection of professionals by clients. Factors such as expertise, quality, confidence - as they jar and jostle for position next to urgency, cost, patience, common language and more besides.

As a core member of the small team tasked with disrupting the UK property transfer market back in the ‘90s (by opening the first 7 days a week technology supported legal service) he learnt early, and quickly, about the need to make things simpler in the world of professional services.

Now, as the professional services market continues to adapt to different ways of working he is determined that, amongst everything else, TAP THE MARKET:

  • Combines tech with good old fashioned professionalism for the benefit of everyone;
  • Makes it easier to find and directly compare professionals;
  • Makes the process of instructing professionals, and getting your matter moving, simpler, quicker and easier to navigate;
  • Introduces certainty where certainty can be introduced;
  • Helps you find the right professional for you at the right price;
  • Provides tools to help demonstrate value.

As a General Counsel Tim set up global law firm panels which at its heart set out to achieve all of these things.

The panels sought to ensure that all the collective talent of the various firms pulled in the same direction - with a laser focus on the client at the epicentre.

Systems were in place that ensured the law firms were : up to speed with developments at the company, clear in their receipt of instructions and accountable for delivery of work product. Some fun was even had along the way.

That is why one of TAP THE MARKET's specialties is creating a tailored panel of lawyers just for you. You will have your own tailored system whereby you can TAP THE MARKET for each piece of work you need to contract out.

Potential instructions are issued to firms in a uniform and consistent fashion at the same time.

Quotes are received back in a uniform and consistent fashion, that are easily comparable.

It’s transparent. There is fair and open competition.

Progress of matters can be traced from birth to eventual billing.

We will happily curate, with you, a bespoke panel of firms.

Even if you have an existing panel , importantly, we can work with you to help make it work as you intended at launch (perhaps where it is not currently meeting expectation).

Does your panel work efficiently, saving money along the way, always delivering the right professional from the panel for each piece of work?

If not, the TAP THE MARKET system will help deliver that. It may also help deliver the ultimate goal - the lawyers on your panel working together, collaboratively, for your benefit. All trackable , with reports at your fingertips. Your internal audit team may even like its transparency and traceability.

Tim would be delighted to hear from you. Please drop him a line with any enquiries or just with your thoughts -