Who we are

Professionals, brought to you by professionals

TAP THE MARKET was founded by Tim Jenkins.

Tim has delivered and purchased professional services across the globe for over 25 years.

He has worked in the management team of a FTSE 250 company, been a partner in an international law firm (in London and the UAE) and been General Counsel of Jumeirah Group, the global luxury hospitality company.

During this time he has both delighted and disappointed clients, he has commended and berated law firm partners and consultants.

He hasn’t stopped learning along the way.

He’s maintained his sense of humour. But he would say that.

He understands the competing pressures and influences impacting the selection of professionals by clients. Factors such as expertise, quality, confidence - as they jar and jostle for position next to urgency, cost, patience, common language and more besides.

As a core member of the small team tasked with disrupting the UK property transfer market back in the ‘90s (by opening the first 7 days a week technology supported legal service) he learnt early, and quickly, about the need to make things simpler in the world of professional services.

Now, as the professional services market continues to adapt to different ways of working he is determined that, amongst everything else, TAP THE MARKET:

  • Combines tech with good old fashioned professionalism for the benefit of everyone
  • Makes it easier to find and directly compare professionals
  • Makes the process of instructing professionals, and getting your matter moving, simpler, quicker and easier to navigate
  • Introduces certainty where certainty can be introduced
  • Helps you find the right professional for you at the right price
  • Provides tools to help demonstrate value

This site is for individuals, company directors, general counsels, CEOs, project managers and everyone in between.

If you don’t find a service category you need, or you have any other comment, then please do drop us a line.

Tim would be delighted to hear from you – tim@tapthemarket.com


As General Counsel and a member of the Executive Committee, Tim delivered clear, pragmatic and commercially sound advice, without lapsing into legal jargon. He had a view, together with a recommendation, which he supported with balanced and considered reasons. His open and inclusive communication style and agile approach to problems is what contributed to him being a highly effective and valued General Counsel. Stefan Leser Stefan Leser | CEO Langham Hospitality Group (previously CEO Jumeirah Group)
In his role as General Counsel at Jumeirah Group, Tim has acted as a pioneer within the in house legal community in the UAE in structuring and operating high quality legal panels. The approach Tim developed and implemented led to increased cost-effectiveness for the client and, from the perspective of the service provider, enabled us to deliver an enhanced level of service as a result of collaboration between panel firms and a streamlined engagement process. Ben Bruton Ben Bruton | Partner Winston & Strawn
I always found Tim an extremely approachable, pro-active and practical lawyer. An approach that drove consistent efficient and effective delivery, including that of external legal counsel providers. Matthew Yates | General Counsel Premier Inn and Restaurants (worked with Tim at Jumeirah Group)
Tim and I were both corporate partners in an international law firm based in the City of London. I had the privilege of working with him over a number of years. Tim is a great commercial lawyer. He is responsive, knowledgeable, pragmatic and a very safe pair of hands. He is able to quickly understand the client’s commercial objectives and the legal imperatives of the deal and deliver on both counts. Amir Hashemi Amir Hashemi | Retired Partner Trowers & Hamlins
During my time as Chief Financial Officer of Jumeirah Group, I got to know Tim as a pragmatic and commercially focussed General Counsel.

His common-sense approach to doing business regularly offered him a seat at the table as valued partner to the organisation, always prepared to use his experience and contribute across multiple functional disciplines.

Through collegiate and collaborative working, Tim also ensured a strong relationship between Finance and Legal departments to the benefit of the overall business, particularly in the areas of corporate governance, business development, acquisitions and related corporate finance activity.

With a natural capacity to see people’s talent and matching complementing skillsets, Tim notably developed his team around him, with the result being a collaborative legal function passionate about growing a business while being prepared to act as the conscience of the organisation. ...more
Ton van Vilsteren | Chief Financial Officer Nord Anglia Education
I worked with Tim for about 6 years and it quickly became clear that Tim was one of the few General Counsel who understood the importance of creating a single virtual team comprising the in house legal team and external counsel to provide a seamless top quality service to the business, at a cost effective price.

This awareness came not just from Tim’s experience as General Counsel and his prior experience in private practice, but also results from Tim’s innate commerciality.

Tim took the process one step further by requiring panel law firms to share between themselves their detailed knowhow and then bringing together the relationship partners of the panel firms to consider issues of concern to the business and brainstorm potential solutions.

I still don’t know how Tim managed to achieve this but the benefit to the business was significant. The process also enabled each individual firm to provide a significantly better service as it facilitated trust to develop between the panel law firms such that we could work together effectively to provide a superior service. ...more
Juliet Blanch | Arbitrator Arbitration Chambers