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Here at TAP THE MARKET we don’t believe in knocking so called ‘big’ or ‘traditional’ law, we don’t believe in belittling ‘new’ law. We don’t really believe in those labels anyway if the truth be told.

We don’t believe in lambasting consultants who provide valuable services to companies.

Enough of what we don’t believe in. Here is what TAP THE MARKET does believe:

  • Individuals and companies who need professional services wish to do so trusting they have the right professional with the right experience to get the job done, at the agreed price and within the time agreed (barring accidents and unexpected occurrences).
  • There is a lot of professional talent in the market.
  • Ensuring that talent is viewed at the right time in the best light isn’t always a given.
  • Factors including but by no means limited to time, transparency, motivation and lack of due process really can throw everything out to luck and happenstance – which can leave the final outcome for the client somewhat uncertain.

TAP THE MARKET wants to work with individuals and companies alike to improve the moment and environment within which instructions are issued – and ensure the best possible ongoing circumstances remain throughout the matter for price certainty and transparency of information.

TAP THE MARKET wants to help clients make informed choices about their professionals in a uniform, controlled, timely and transparent manner.

An easily accessible online platform, the right know how and everyone working together can improve the chances of this happening.

With the TAP THE MARKET system we help consumers and large companies alike find their ideal professional – whether it’s a multinational law firm with tremendous resources, a tech driven niche law firm, a change management consultant, a divorce lawyer or a tax consultant.

We are about quality. We are about identifying market driven value. We insist on transparency. We are all about clients getting what they ask for (and quite rightly expect). We are not about misunderstandings. We are not about hidden charges. We are not about sudden late surprises.

We curate (or improve) tailored panels for GCs and CEOs of complex companies, we facilitate the appointment of specialist consultants to work on large and small projects, we allow the informed choice of commercial counsel for individual pieces of IT work, we introduce those families planning for the future to wills practitioners, and more besides. If you are a law firm, PRO or consultant and wish to join TAP THE MARKET and enable your full range of professional services to be made available to motivated clients, please click below to join.

If you have any questions then please do email: or contact founder and CEO Tim directly at (he has been on both sides of the fence, and down in the trenches, in all manner of jurisdictions - and actually enjoys talking about this stuff).

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